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Helping people take control of their lives, and create
freedom for themselves, through business ownership.

You could be much closer to business ownership than you might think!

Path To Freedom is all about helping people get into business for themselves through Franchising. Whether you’re an existing business, owner, or looking to get into business for yourself for the first time, Franchising can be a great way to take control of your life, and create Freedom for yourself. With thousands of franchise opportunities available today, it can be a very overwhelming process to evaluate these opportunities, and find one that makes sense for you. That’s where I come in. As a professional Franchise Consultant, I work with my clients to help them understand franchising, determine if it’s a good fit for them, and if so, to navigate the entire process of identifying franchise companies that may be a good fit, conducting due diligence, and even securing financing. Ultimately, I help match people with the perfect franchise business to help them achieve their goals, and create Freedom in their lives. The best part is, my service is FREE for my clients!

I develop a custom business model, tailored to my candidates background; skills; investment range and lifestyle/financial goals, and use that model to identify franchise businesses that are likely
to be a great match.

I work with hundreds of the most credible franchise companies in the us, across many different industries.

A tailored business
model, just for you.

I will work with you to develop a model, just for you, that we will then use to identify several franchise opportunities that are likely to be a perfect match for you.

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Do You Need Previous Franchise Experience To Succeed?

Another common question that I get from people interested in franchising is “do I need previous experience?” In short, no! Many franchisors are not looking for franchisees with a ton of experience in their industry. They are just looking

What Should You Expect In The Franchise Sales Process?

A very common question, and even concern, that I hear quite often from potential franchisees is what to expect in the franchise sales process. Some may feel nervous or apprehensive going into the franchise investigative process because they think

Should You Buy a Franchise During an Economic Slowdown?

Contrary to what you may be seeing on the news, not all businesses have been affected by the current depressed economy. There are many businesses, including franchises, that do well in both up or down economic climates. If you’ve

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